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2000 Tunes (ebook)

2000 Tunes (ebook)

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2000 Tunes. One summer of love.

Mark Hopton is twenty-four, single, and obsessed with Manchester music. It’s his escape into a better world.

Oh man, he needs that escape. His psycho brother’s on his case and in his face, his dad’s in prison, and the local gangsters are twisting his melons to make him smuggle drugs. Heaven knows he’s miserable now.

His one ray of hope is work colleague Samantha Rees, a gorgeous and chaotic Welsh woman who rocks his world. However, Samantha is living the twenty-four hour party people lifestyle, so would never be interested in a shy outsider like him.

But when a chance encounter leads to Mark and Samantha spending a perfect day together in the city centre, perhaps hope isn’t fool’s gold after all?

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