Karl Drinkwater

Author of dystopian space opera, dark suspense and diverse social fiction. If you want compelling stories and characters worth caring about, then you’re in the right place. Welcome!

About Karl

Lost Solace

Dystopian space opera involving alien Lost Ships, and a galaxy-spanning friendship between two remarkable women

  • “Two delightfully strong female protagonists. One is human; one is AI. The dialogue between them is priceless: sometimes snarky, sometimes comforting, all times entertaining.”

    Into The Abyss

  • “I loved the two strong female leads who make split second decisions from limited options, showing true grit and resilience.”

    Jera’s Jamboree

  • “Intelligent science fiction: much, much smarter than your typical run-and-gun sci-fi romp.”

    High Fever Books

  • “EpicSciFi at its best.”

    Koeur’s Book Reviews

  • “Thrilling space horror with an unconventional female friendship at the core.”

    Banshee Irish Horror Blog

  • “I loved this book. It’s fast, scary, dark at times, and features a young woman I grew to admire and root for in her quest.”

    Brew and Books Review

  • “A novel that is equal parts The Wicker Man and The Crazies. It’s a brutal tale. Think of Stephen Gallagher or James Herbert, and that’s the realm we dwell in, where flawed people try to make the best of a bad situation.”

    Altered Instinct

  • “Had me turning the pages at breakneck speed. It is an uncomfortable read, one that quickens the pulse and makes you keep the light on.”

    Brew and Books Review

  • “Contains some of the creepiest tales I’ve read in a long time. An absolutely excellent collection I would definitely recommend to lovers of horror.”

    Life of a Nerdish Mum

  • “Mr. Drinkwater looks into the Shadows; and discovers the Shadows are looking back at us. Read in the daylight, or read with a friend; but don’t read alone.”

    The Haunted Reading Room

  • “From the moment Callum wakes in the middle of the night the action is spellbinding. Reading this in bed my heart was pounding and every muscle tense as I willed the family to safety and even when I thought they had a chance, Drinkwater adds more to the terror.”

    Jera’s Jamboree

  • “A brilliantly written and exciting horror novella. Dramatic and terrifying, the scenes move speedily along to an ending which stayed in my head for some while.”

    Banshee Irish Horror Blog

  • “An intelligent and empathetic writer who has a clear understanding of the world around him and the truly horrific experiences that life can bring. A literary gem.”

    Cooking The Books

  • “Karl’s writing style is compelling, it commands attention from the opening sentence of each piece. Whether you cheer or fear the characters, they will stay with you long after the last page.”

    The Photographer’s Way

  • “A novel of incredible genius. I was 100% committed to the journey. At times sad, but also full of hope and with a promise of new beginnings.”

    Cover To Cover

  • “This clever book warns against allowing your heart to be so crushed it becomes a black hole.”


  • “The story of Sam and Mark is brilliant and will reel you in. You’ll enjoy this if you’re a fan of gentle and unhurried romance, wonderful and complex characters, and literary fiction.”

    Curled Up With A Good Book

  • “A novel I absolutely adored! A well-spun tale of self-confidence, choices, and family loyalty.”

    Beyond The Books

  • “Drinkwater creates fantastically believable characters.”

    —On The Shelf Reviews

  • “Each book remains in my mind for a long time after. Anything he writes is a must-read.”

    —Pink Quill Books

  • “Karl Drinkwater has the skill of making it near impossible to stop reading. Expect late nights. Simply outstanding.”

    —Jera’s Jamboree

  • “An intelligent and empathetic writer who has a clear understanding of the world around him and the truly horrific experiences life can bring. A literary gem.”

    —Cooking The Books

  • “Drinkwater is a dab hand at creating an air of dread.”

    —Altered Instinct

  • “A gifted writer. Each book brings its own uniqueness to the table, and a table Drinkwater sets is one I will visit every time."