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Lost Solace – Complete Ebooks Bundle!

Lost Solace – Complete Ebooks Bundle!

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Lost Solace is a thrilling science fiction suspense series. Join thousands of fans in experiencing a female-centred space adventure, with lots of action, creepy mystery, AIs, alien species, and satisfying emotional depth.

This bundle lets you buy the latest version of every Lost Solace book in one go. Not only that, but you get all the formats (including pdf, which isn't normally available to buy), DRM-free, yet still cheaper than buying the books separately! 20% cheaper, in fact. The final bonus is that more of the money goes to the author (hi!) rather than intermediaries.

Lost Solace (main series)

  • Lost Solace
  • Chasing Solace
  • Hidden Solace
  • Raising Solace
  • Finding Solace

Lost Tales of Solace (standalone spin-off novellas)

  • Helene
  • Grubane
  • Clarissa
  • Ruabon

Product Delivery

The ebook is available as epub, mobi and pdf files, and you get access to all three formats. No DRM!

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